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  • Winner, CISC Award 2008 industrial projects/bridges for the Park Bridge, Kicking Horse Canyon, phase 2, in British Columbia. See Projects tab for pictures.
  • Winner, NISD Award 2008 - Project of the year/Bridge - Triborough Bridge - Prefabricated Deck Panel Replacement - New York.
  • Winner, CISC Award 2011 - Outside Quebec projects, Willis Avenue Bridge - Swing Bridge - Machinery and Structure - New York. See Projects tab for pictures.
  • Winner, CISC Award 2011 - Industrial projects/bridges - Curved box girder bridge near Highways 640 & 15 - Quebec.
  • Winner, CISC Award 2011 - Engineering category - Cheticamp Bridge - Skewed box girder bridge, Nova Scotia.
  • Winner, CISC Award 2013 - Engineering & Bridges Categories - Deh Cho Bridge - Cable-Stay Bridge, Northwest Territories.
  • Winner, CISC Award 2013 - Bridge category, A30 PPP Beauharnois Canal Bridge - Giant box girders, Quebec.
  • Winner, NSBA Award 2014 - Movable Bridges & Special Award for Accelerated Bridge Construction Commendation - Willis Ave. Bridge, New York.


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Tenca Steel Detailing, Inc. is a professional firm specialized in detailing steel bridges of all types.

  • We provide workshop drawings ready for manufacturing;
  • We can handle projects over 10,000 tons. They range from simple to complex bridges such as welded straight three-plates (may also be curved and/or skewed), tub girder bridges, movable bridges (bascule, swing, & lift), arch bridges, orthotropic deck slab replacements, truss bridges, railroad bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and rehabilitation projects;
  • We detail steel bridges only. That means we are specialized in the field;
  • We adapt our work according to your manufacturing needs.